Discover the wide range of our products!

We are a company oriented on the manufacture of traditional products of the highest quality. Our offer consists of a wide selection of meat, sausages, smoked meat, poultry products, ripening and offal products. Since years we have been also selling pork, beef, poultry and turkey.

We offer products that can be easily used during the preparation of daily meals, barbecues and celebrations. Through constant focus on high quality and taste of our products, we hope to gain Your recognition. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to visit our stores.

Discover our Raw products!

We encourage you to try Polska Dojrzewająca and Schab Dojrzewający. These are products of traditional flavor, made with natural spices and additives. They do not contain artificial colorings, phosphate and monosodiumglutamate.

New! We recommend Veal sausages

In order to meet our clients expectations, we have created sausages with veal. Our offer has expanded with Kiełbasa Wieprzowo Cielęca and Parówki Ekstra z Cielęciną. High-quality and great taste.

Zamieszczone w serwisie treści - zdjęcia, wizualizacje, teksty - stanowią przedmiot ochrony w rozumieniu prawa autorskiego oraz prawa własności przemysłowej. Zabrania się ich kopiowania i wykorzystywania w celu prowadzenia jakiejkolwiek działalności komercyjnej.